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We deliver fast and consistent 24×7 protection with our specially curated services made for Small, Mid-size and Large businesses.

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Anti-Virus (Network-based)

Scans traffic on major protocols.

Heuristic analysis identifies viruses and dangerous code that signatures can’t catch.

Decompresses and scans common formats.

Auto-generates support tickets to coordinate incident response.

Application Control (Network-based)

Allows for control over 2000+ applications.

Spot applications used, with monitoring and reporting capabilities.

Control usage by application.

Application violations trigger auto-generated support tickets.

Botnet Mitigation (Network)

Ban access to known botnets so that they can not attack your business.

Firewall Security (Network)

Complete managed firewall solution.

Multi-ISP capable, with fail-over.

Failures auto-generate support tickets.

Geo-Location blocking (Network)

Block access and requests to unnecessary countries.

Block access and requests from unnecessary countries.

Autoblock access and requests to/from dangerous countries.

Help Desk (Security Support)

Access to the Variable Path help desk.

Staffed by on-shore background checked US citizens.

24×7 support available.

Application support available.

External monitoring available.

Intrusion Prevention (Network)

In-line protection from attacks, including buffer overflows, SQL injections, and cross-site scripting attacks.

Block network, application, and protocol-based attacks.

Daily and weekly reports on Intrusion Prevention activity available.

Auto-generate help desk tickets based on threat level.

Office365 / Hosting Controls (Service)

Verification of this necessary control.

Create an access policy and schema for hosted systems.

Restrict cloud services to known locations.

Office365 provides enforcement of Multi-Factor authentication.

Two-Factor VPN Authentication (Infrastructure)

Use your cell phone to authorize yourself to VPN.

High level of security if you use voice, SMS.

Extremely high level of security if you use PIN, or certificate Push.

VoIP Phone System (Solution)

Full-featured multi-line VOIP phone system, Basic phone included.

Upgrades, conference room, receptions, lobby systems.

Unlimited outbound local and Long Distance, International plans.

Toll Free Conference Bridge, 200 included minutes.

Automated Attendant, greets callers and routes calls.

FollowMe Forwarding, ring your office mobile phone at the same time.

Webfax, receives and stores faxes, with notifications via email

View your faxes online, or forward them on.

Vulnerability Scanning (Network)

Variable Path will continuously audit your infrastructure at a prescheduled rate.

Any vulnerabilities will be addressed (with the help of the customer) immediately instead of waiting for a malicious actor to find and exploit them.

Web Blocker Security (Network)

URL and content filtering to control access to sites that host objectionable material or pose network security risks, including known spyware, phishing, and botnet command and control sites.

Configure over 130 web categories to stop the sites and web tools you most want to block, and enable access by user, group, domain, and need for maximum flexibility.

DNS Watch

Prevent browsing to compromised or phishing sites.

Stop attacks before they happen.

Audit and control outbound DNS queries.

Establish another layer of browser protection at the DNS layer.

Endpoint Protection

Prevent unauthorized access to enterprise devices.

Stops malware from taking root with uniform anti-virus software application across all devices. 

Advanced Malware Endpoint Security (Host-based)

Advanced client software on all company endpoints.

Application profiling.

Application white-listing.

Post-incident endpoint security.

Not signature based anomaly detection.

Advanced Malware Protection (Network-based)

Cloud-based sandbox with full system emulation to detect and block advanced malware and zero-day attacks.

Recognize malicious zero-day threats that cannot be detected by anti-virus software alone.

Integrated reporting provides logs, alerts, and malware visibility.

Branch Office connectivity (Network)

Branch office connectivity will be established with IPSEC tunnels.

Perfect Forward Security (PFS) is enabled by standard to enhance site to site encryption.

Failed tunnels auto-generate support tickets for repair.

Data Backup & Recovery (Service)

Triple redundancy backup solution. One copy stored locally, two copies stored offsite.

User definable Recovery Point Objectives.

Extremely quick Recovery Time Objectives, with instant access to files over a web UI. Local copies quick to perform over the LAN

Data Loss Prevention (Network)

DLP scans text and common file types in email, web, and FTP traffic to detect sensitive information attempting to exit the network.

A built-in library of over 200 rules allows IT to quickly create and update corporate DLP policies.

Built-in sensors are included for PCI DSS and HIPAA.

DLP violations can auto-trigger support tickets.

E-mail APT Pre-Filtering Security (Network)

Automated scanning of all attachments and links.

Automated mail quarantine capabilities.

Can be connected to your existing company directory.

Spooling up to 72 hours to back up your company mail system.

E-mail Virus Pre-Filtering Security (Network)

Anti-Virus Anti-SPAM

Managed SMTP filtering and mail quarantine capabilities.

Can be connected to your existing company directory.

Spooling up to 72 hours to back up your company mail system.

Mobile Devices (Mobile VPN)

Native app for Apple.

Native app for Android.

IPSEC clients supported.

Mobile Workers (Mobile VPN)

VPN for Windows 7, 8, 10, and servers.

VPN for Apple Mac platforms.

Network Segmentation (Solution)

Locks down communication on the corporate network.

Prevent lateral movement from attackers.

Prevent infections from spreading.

Secure resources on the LAN.

Outbound ISP Redundancy (Network)

Multiple load balancing schemes available including:



Round Robin.

Weighted Cost.

Advanced load balancing schemes available. (least connections).

Advanced application delivery available, including local caching, service offloading, etc.

URL Domain Name Surveillance (Service)

Cross-Check domain names.

Check A records.

Check C name records.

Check MX records.

Character Omission, Swap, Replacement, Insertion.

Bit Flipping.


Swapped TLDs.

Virtualization (Infrastructure)

Virtual Firewall for internal security.

Build out internal networks within a virtual environment.

Wireless Heat Map Business HQ (Service)

Heat maps provide a graphical representation for the WiFi coverage in your business where colors represent value hierarchy.

Complete Wireless spectrum map of the site.

Determine dead zones and minimize issues related to WiFi.

Wireless Intrusion Prevention Systems (Service)

Company wireless infrastructure guarded.

Wireless attackers auto-quarantined.

Rogue Access Points on the network auto-quarantined.

Devices must be white-listed to use company WiFi.

Enforced guest network for non-company devices.

Guest networks not accessible by company devices.

Alerts and automated reports of any violations.

Virtual Information Security Officer (Service)

Long-term strategic cybersecurity planning provided by certified Variable Path engineer.

Breach & audit assistance on demand.

Application Acceleration & Delivery (Network)

Multiple load balancing schemes available including

Fastest Response, Overflow, Round Robin, Weighted.

Caching, multiplexing, service offloading, etc.

Scripting capabilities.

Audit Assistance (Service)

Variable Path will provide up to 4 hours per year of assistance to help you complete audits, regulation, or other compliance functions.

Additional time can be purchased in blocks of 20 hours at a time.

Customized Security Traning (Service)

Step-by-step instructional video showcasing the on-boarding process and training staff how to use these new technologies:

Zero touch install on-boarding videos.

How to file a help ticket and request any customization.

How to plug in your phones.

How to on-board your automated attendant.

Features of your system.

How to use your guest WiFi statistics for marketing campaigns.

DDOS Protection Denial of Service (Network)

By properly scaling your infrastructure, Variable Path can help your organization without any help withstand all but the largest attacks on your infrastructure.

By intelligently scrubbing the traffic into your datacenters beforehand, Variable Path can help you prevent and mitigate larger Denial of Service attacks.

Password Single Sign-On (Service)

Access all the websites you use securely and safely.

Users log in once and gain access to all systems without being prompted to log in again.

Thousands of predefined sites that can plug into SSO.

Integrate with existing Identity Management solutions.

Security Firewall Event Management (Infrastructure)

Different levels of event management available depending on your compliance needs.

Visualization and reporting.

Includes incident alerting and reporting.

Transactional Visibility System (Solution)

Deployment of Variable Path’s solution to ensure continued operational intelligence by establishing a comprehensive top-level view of your infrastructure. Solution to be fed by data captured from managed switches.









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