Introducing Variable Path, Inc.
We are in the MSS (Managed Security Service) business, providing services through monthly subscription plans.

Our missions are:

  1. To make sure businesses are “In Compliance” to their industry’s data and customer data security requirements
  2. To keep clients’ business’ confidential information safe from loss and compromises through Data Loss Prevention
  3. To protect clients’ network, devices & email from intrusions & interruptions with firewalls, encryption & anti-malware systems
  4. To help avoid productivity loss by employees from distraction & unapproved information access through filters & access control

How Do We Serve Businesses?
Variable Path has the expertise to serve businesses of all sizes, all types and affordable by deploying the following approaches:

  1. Modular Solutions – We provide proven hardware & software solutions from major industry providers, and we configure them with a “Best-of-Breed” approach that is function-tailored and capacity-scaled to need.
  2. Plug-and-Play Installation – This strategy simplifies the complexity of system interfaces and maximizes the speed and ease of installation and maintenance.
  3. Complementary Strategy - We can also be complementary to clients’ existing infrastructure. We can train and build the library of data security solutions to enhance the support capability of existing desktop and technical support team.


OUR SERVICES – Cyber-Security Subscription Plan For 24X7 Protection For You, No Matter Where You Are

  • Our experts have laid out a “Comprehensive End-To-End One-Stop” approach to all the data security that your business would need – Varpath’s Cyber-Security Subscription Service.
  • The Variable Path security plan is a proactive strategy for businesses of any size that are vulnerable for confidential and sensitive data loss. It is an “Ever-Present, Preemptive Shield” on all digital assets with firewalls, filters and malware hunters.
  • Variable Path will tailor design your solution.  Then Variable Path will source, install, and manage your newly installed security solution.
  • Our helpdesk will be available to you 24 hours a day.  With it, you have access to a background checked US citizen who will be your dedicated security engineer.

The entire solution will:

  1. Protect your digital properties
  2. Take care of your email privacy
  3. Ensure you have peace of mind when you use wireless devices
  4. Make sure the solutions are always the most up-to-date (You never have to worry about any version updates.)
  5. Help you backup your valuable data with commercial grade security.
  6. Hassles like phishing by hackers wouldn’t even have a chance of getting started.


Subscribe To The Plan

It is an affordable plan for all celebrities and businesses. If you are interested in securing your digital resources with a cost-effective service, please contact Variable Path at (800) 863-9198.



Watch our prerecorded examples, or contact us for a live demonstration of our capabilities, and a review of yours.

Point Of Sale Security : Keep customer credit cards secure by enforcing security standards on your network. We can help you separate your financial systems and keep your Point Of Sale system safe and clean.

Secure Web Surfing: Restrict Internet access to websites via 127 subject matter categories. Categories are updated hourly.

Data Loss Prevention using personal web mail: Keep sensitive information safe while protecting your business. Automatically filter out and flag confidential data. We fully support compliance standards such as PCI and HIPAA.

Alerts & Reports: Keep a running audit of all activity while being alerted to any problems.

Malware Security: Protect ALL your devices from malware. Not just desktops with office security suites, but everything. The fridge too.